Momentum Fitness provides individuals with the tools to exceed their fitness expectations. Our program is delivered through innovative programming, expert coaching, and exceptional exercise programs. Members receive one-on-one coaching at their first few classes to assure movements are made with proper form in order to avoid injury. Membership includes unlimited access to all beach bootcamps and fitness classes offered.  Some exclusions may apply.

Our trainers create functional workouts that utilize all muscle groups working from core to extremity.  We strive to provide our clients with the most cutting edge nutrition information to support healthy weight gain or loss goals. 

Our fitness classes are fun, challenging, and provide individuals of all fitness levels a great workout. 

What You Will Need

We recommend you hydrate 24 hours before class.  You also may wish to bring bottled water, sunscreen, sunglasses, athletic shoes, a towel, and change of clothes. You will need a signed and completed registration form before your first class.